Interstate 70

Interstate 70 (abbreviated I-70 ) is a part of the interstate highway system in the United States. It begins in Cove Fort, Utah, Interstate 15 and ends in Baltimore, Maryland on Interstate 695 was the first Interstate, which was built. East of the Rocky Mountains, follows the course of U.S. Highways 40

The construction of I-70 in Colorado and Utah was a great technical achievement. For example, the Eisenhower Tunnel and routes through the Glenwood Canyon and the San Rafael Swell were built. The Eisenhower Tunnel is the highest point of the interstate highway system with 3400 m.

The last section of the Glenwood Canyon in 1992 and opened to traffic.


Important towns on this highway

Shuttle and Workarounds

  • Interstate 270 in Denver
  • Interstate 470 in Topeka
  • Interstate 670 between Kansas City in Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri
  • Interstate 470 in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Interstate 170 and Interstate 270 in St. Louis
  • Interstate 270 and Interstate 670 in Columbus
  • Interstate 470 at Wheeling
  • Interstate 270 and Interstate 370 in Washington
  • Interstate 170 at Baltimore