Intestinal malrotation

As malrotation (Latin malus = bad, harmful, malicious / Latin Rotatio = rotation) is called a disorder of the rotation of the intestine during embryonic development. Forms by Coarse:

  • Nonrotation = 90 ° rotation ( the absence of the second and third rotation)
  • Malrotation I = 180 ° rotation (absence of the third rotation)
  • Malrotation II = inverse (Latin inversio = conversion, inversion / reversible, reverse ) 2 rotation with outright or misdirected third rotation


Acute or recurrent abdominal pain in infant and childhood with incipient or incomplete intestinal obstruction by volvulus (Latin volvere = rotate ) of the intestine.


Surgical adhesiolysis and anatomically correct mounting of the intestine.

  • Disease in pediatric surgery
  • Malformation