The company Intourist (Russian Интурист of inostranny turist, dt: foreign tourist ) is the former state monopoly travel agency for the foreign tourist, which was founded in 1929 in the Soviet Union. Today Intourist leads among other things still 144 travel agencies and many hotels in Russia. The joint stock company belongs since November 2010 the Russian conglomerate Sistema half each and the Anglo- German travel group Thomas Cook Group.


On State monopoly travel agency for the foreign tourist ran in the Soviet Union not only the travel of foreign tourists in the USSR, but also most foreign trips of Soviet tourists without a visa Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and from February 23, 1967 were able to visit East Germany. This was then officially announced by Intourist. By staff of Intourist because recovery seekers were looked after from the GDR in Soviet spas.

Also in the GDR Intourist was due to the crew right owners and operators of many good hotels and restaurants, but in 1951 almost all were handed over or sold to the State operating HO of the GDR. The Berlin Hotel Newa in the disability Straße 115, however, was farmed until well into the 1970s Intourist.

In East Berlin, the company received near the Soviet Embassy on Unter den Linden corner Glinkastraße a larger office complex in a new building.

In addition, Intourist was the owner and manager of apartment complexes, coaches, she used trails and issued badges.

Intourist Russian conglomerate Sistema in

Today Intourist is a corporation. The main shareholder is the Russian conglomerate Sistema. Intourist operates 144 travel agencies in addition to many hotels, most of which only " Hotel Intourist " hot, among others, the Hotel Peking in Moscow.

Takeover by the Thomas Cook Group

The Thomas Cook Group said on 25 November 2010 that it would take up to $ 45 million 50.1 percent of the organizer business of Intourist. After the approval of the antitrust authorities at the latest in February 2011, the British- German tourism group seeks to benefit the acquisition of fast-growing travel market in Russia.

Cook takes over for the time being only the tour operator business for travel to, from and in Russia, as well as travel agencies. The hotel division and a management company are not yet part of the acquisition.

Cook paid for the majority share of $ 10 million in cash and $ 35 million in the form of Thomas Cook shares that go to the current Intourist- majority owner. By 2016, Cook Intourist can completely take over - they both own it appropriate to buy and sell options.

By 2015, Cook wants to expand 30 to $ 40 million distribution - including in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.