Inuit Ataqatigiit

Inuit Ataqatigiit ( Inuit community or community of people ), or " IA " is a socialist political party in Greenland. It is committed primarily for the complete independence of Greenland from Denmark. Chairman since 2007 Kuupik Kleist.

The roots of the party in the Greenland left-nationalist liberation movement, which organized as a side effect of centralization policies in Denmark in the 1960s and 1970s against the background of recent social problems. In the initial phase, the party was strongly influenced by communist, which was not put more and more into the background over time. Today's main topics are in addition to the independence, especially hunting and fishing rights.

The party was founded in 1978 by Josef Motzfeldt. In the elections to the county council in 2005, the party won 22.6% of the vote and 7 of 31 seats. In the elections on 2 June 2009 IA scored a landslide victory with 43.7 % (14 seats ) and thus replaced the ruling for 30 years, the Social Democrats Siumut. Kuupik Kleist was Prime Minister of Greenland. However, in the last elections on March 12, 2013, it received only 34.4 % (11 seats) and was replaced by the Siumut again as the strongest. She went in opposition, and Kleist had his office as Prime Minister of Aleqa Hammond leave from the Siumut.