Inupiat people

Inupiat are indigenous indigenous people who live in the North Arctic and North Slope boroughs and the Bering Straits region in Alaska in the extreme northwest of the North American continent. The original language of the Inupiat Inupiaq is an Inuktitut dialect of the family of Eskimo languages. The 4,000 Inupiat be divided by anthropologists in two larger groups. The Inupiat who live on the Arctic Ocean and lived by hunting marine mammals, particularly the bowhead whale are called Taremiut. They live in six villages and Barrow. The living at home in the village of Anaktuvuk Pass Inupiat hunt mainly caribou and are called Nunamiut.

The Inupiat lived as semi-nomadic fishermen and hunters traditionally in small, non- hierarchical groups, which included six to twelve families. The group named themselves after the region in which they lived and were distinguished by their dialect. The Inupiat believe in an animated fauna in which the ill-treatment of an animal has adverse consequences for the hunter.