Invisible balance

The services account is a part of the balance of payments. In it, all payments and payments of an economy are recognized in cross-border trade in services, that is, all sales and purchases of services between nationals and foreigners (individuals and companies).

The most important items in the balance of services are transport services, the travel, financial and insurance services and the so-called Technical services (eg computer services, research and development). One can find but also, inter alia, construction services, patents and licenses, expenditure and income from film rights to provide services and the deployment cost of foreign armed forces.

If the export of services the service import, then one speaks of an active balance of services (or of a passive in the opposite case ).

In the system of double-entry bookkeeping in this case correspond services imports of the target page, since they lead to outflows ( can ), and service exports the plus side, after all, they can lead to payments received. To calculate the balance, the debit side is placed on the credit side by changing the sign.

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