As iodides, outdated and iodides, the compounds of the chemical element iodine with metals called (examples:. . Iodide, copper (I ) iodide These are the inorganic salts of hydriodic acid (HI) When iodides are also non-metal - iodine compounds such as, for example, refers to the covalent organic carbon-iodine compounds. Thus exist covalent inorganic iodides, such as boron triiodide.

The salt-like iodides contained in its ionic lattice as a negative lattice components (anions) iodide (I- ), the single negative charge. Important iodides of potassium iodide (KI ) or sodium iodide ( NaI ).

Examples of organic iodides are iodomethane and iodoform. Another example is the tetramethylammonium and the substance group of Acyliodide. Aromatic iodides (for example, iodobenzene ) decompose photochemically iodine radicals and aryl radicals, which are capable of a variety of reactions.


Iodides yield in solution, heated with concentrated sulfuric acid, violet vapors of elemental iodine.

They can be detected by wet chemical also with the classical detection reactions for halides. With hydrogen chloride as evidence arises iodine ( in hexane purple). With silver nitrate solution of silver iodide precipitates as a whitish yellow precipitate.