Ioffe (crater)


Ioffe is an impact crater on the side of the moon, and therefore can not be observed directly from Earth. It is located south of the large crater Hertzsprung and adjoins the south western outer wall of the crater Fridman, he easily masked. From the southeastern crater Belopol'skiy separates him only a narrow strip of land.

Ioffe is a relatively young crater with a well-defined outer edge and stepped inner walls. Despite his youth, the outer edge of subsequent impacts is drawn. So there is a small crater at the site of the crater, where Ioffe is connected with Fridman. Even the northwestern edge has a craterlets. The inner crater floor is relatively flat except for a low, irregular hills, which extends from a point just east of the center to the south- southwest crater inner wall. From striking impacts the crater interior has been spared.