Ion Gheorghe Maurer

Ion Gheorghe Maurer ( born September 23, 1902 in Bucharest, † February 8, 2000 ) was a Romanian communist politician and jurist, who belonged to the German minority in the country.

His father was a German and his mother is French.

As a lawyer, he defended members of illegal leftist and anti-fascist groups in court. During World War II he was imprisoned for his political activities.

After the war he became a member of the Central Committee of the Romanian Workers' Party, and held various ministerial posts in the Communist government of Romania. He supported the nationalist policies of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej in 1957 and finally for two years Secretary of State. After that, he was President of the National Assembly on 11 January 1958 to March 21, 1961 and was followed up to March 29, 1974 Prime Minister, before retiring from public life.