Ionic crystal

Under a lattice ions or ionic crystal is understood in chemistry and solid state physics, the regular spatial arrangement of anions and cations of a homogeneous substance in the solid state. The cohesion of the mesh unit carried by the ionic bond. The most common examples of crystals with cubic lattice structure are ionic crystals: cesium chloride for the body-centered cubic lattice and sodium chloride (sodium chloride ) for the face-centered cubic structure.


The structure of the ion lattice depends firstly on the relative sizes of the ions from the other by the charge ratio.

Special shapes

  • In the so-called anti- structures, such as the position of the Antifluoritstruktur anions and cations are interchanged.
  • Ionic lattice can also stoichiometric quantities of small molecules included in the lattice vacancies (for example, water of crystallization).
  • Layer lattice:
  • Sandwich mesh: