Iotroxic acid

3,3 ' - ( 1,11- dioxo -3 ,6,9 - trioxaundecamethylendiamino ) to ( 2,4,6- triiodobenzoic ) ( IUPAC)

  • C22H18I6N2O9
  • C36H52I6N4O19 ( Iotroxat dimeglumine )
  • 51022-74-3
  • 68890-05-1 ( Iotroxat dimeglumine )


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Iotroxinsäure is an iodine-containing contrast medium will in radiology application for displaying of the gall bladder and passages. Is used medicinally, the water soluble dimeglumine ( Iotroxat dimeglumine ), which is administered as an infusion solution over 20 to 60 minutes intravenously.

Iotroxinsäure is actively secreted by the liver cell and leads because of their high hepatocellular transport rate to a high degree of contrast density in the intra-and extrahepatic bile ducts and in the gallbladder. Excretion via the kidneys hardly takes place and occurs only when the maximum transport capacity of the liver cells is exceeded.

Iotroxinsäure as the amidotrizoic derived structurally from the triiodobenzoic. 1985 Iotroxinsäure was included in the list of essential drugs of the World Health Organization.