Iouri Podladtchikov

Iouri Podladtchikov (Russian Юрий Юрьевич Подладчиков / Yuri Jurjewitsch Podladtschikow; * September 13, 1988 in Podolsk, Soviet Union) is a Russian- Swiss snowboarder starts particularly successful in the halfpipe. Previously Podladtchikov went to Russia at the start, before he let naturalized by Switzerland in 2007. His greatest successes are the Olympic gold medal in 2014 and the world title in 2013.


Beginnings in the World Cup and at major events (2003-2006)

Snowboarder debuted 14 years old at the Russian Championships in 2003, where he took a 30th place among 35 participants. A year later, in February 2004, he participated in his first major international event, the Junior World Cup in Germany and the Czech Republic. In Big Air, he reached there on the 17th rank, which he classified in the best fifth of the grid. Even in the half-pipe he succeeded with space 37 a result in the upper half. From now on Podladtchikov focused on these two disciplines, only at TTR competitions he went in slopestyle at the start. Following the good results at the Junior World Cup, he gave in October 2004 with 16 years of his debut in the FIS World Cup Tour, in which he only missed by one place than 31 score points. In the same winter Podladtchikov also launched at the European Youth Olympic Festival 2005 in Monthey, where he was fifth in the halfpipe good and at a second World Cup, he finished as Twentieth.

In the summer of 2005 Podladtchikov said in an interview that he wanted to just after the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin to change citizenship and Swiss. In contrast, he said, six months later, was a change of Nations " is currently not concrete"; if he would temporarily blocked for such a, would a dressing change anyway not in question. The 2005/06 season began for Podladtchikov with a 19th place in the halfpipe competition at Whistler. In addition, the snowboarders won his first European Cup races. End of December 2005 he made his debut in the TTR in Davos, where he was to kick off 21. In January 2006, followed by other FIS World Cup and TTR competitions in which he cut differently well; best result was a 13th place at the World Cup in Kreischberg, also he won the Junior Burton European Open in Laax. The decisive alone for the Olympic qualifying World Cup results in the top twenty were enough to be nominated in mid-February for the Olympics. Having achieved this goal, the young athlete was first funded by the Russian Federation. Until then Podladtchikov had independently need to book the World Cup trips. Also, total criticized the snowboarders, the organization of the Association as " too lenient " and the ratios " confusing " as it was hard to concentrate on the essentials. Looking ahead to the Olympic medal he saw no chance of his aim, easy to drive and to do his best. In fact Podladtchikov was after a failed first qualification round, he finished as the 44th and last, chance. Finally, he placed himself on the 37th rank, which he missed the final of the top twelve clear. With the Olympics, the athlete decided also the season in which it was 87th in the World Cup.

First World Cup victory and podium finishes in the TTR (2006-2010)

The 2006/07 season opened Podladtchikov with his first victory in a TTR event. The rail battle in which he decided the slopestyle competition in itself, however, was an event that was only two of six stars, ie, rated as more niederklassig. However, the beginning of the new year 2007, he convinced even with two 6 -star events, the O'Neill Evolution and the Burton European Open, where he was both times in the halfpipe Second, collecting as many points for the TTR overall. He end of January also took part in the first World Cup. There, however, he missed the finals in both the Halfpipe and Big Air and was 56 or 43 then renounced Podladtchikov to other FIS World Cup races and focused on the TTR, on which he took a further top- ten finishes. Overall, he finished sixth in the overall standings thus securing invitations to prestigious events next season. In contrast, his overall World Cup result was significantly worse than in the previous year, as it was only launched in a race.

In July 2007 Podladtchikov changed definitively the association. The head coach for the freestyle area in the Swiss team, Marco Bruni, explained that the new Swiss 've always goes along with the team because he had trained with the remaining teammates. There were no problems with the change of nations, as the Russian Federation did not struggle against it. His first competitions as a Swiss, he played in August and September in New Zealand, initially at the Burton New Zealand Open, where he finished sixth in the halfpipe, then at the World Cup kick-off in Cardrona, where for the first time he was in second place on a World Cup podium. After Podladtchikov first also won the World Cup in Saas Fee, the European Cup and a few days later, he rose to become a favorite in the World Cup and took over in the meantime also the lead in this. The snowboarder, who had already created distance from his rivals in qualifying, was very happy with the race and said: "It went so incredibly well today. In this super- Pipe I could show a nearly perfect run, down to the last hit. I also needed only one attempt to stand my tricks. " Then put Podladtchikov a two-month pause before he went to start again in 2008 on the TTR at the start. There, he succeeded within two and a half weeks four times in a row, the jump into the top ten - including a podium finish at a 4-star event, which he took the lead for three weeks on the TTR. At season's end, he came twice in the World Cup on the podium, he was second once and third once. Finally, he won with over 1000 points ahead of second-placed Gregory Bretz the Halfpipe World Cup and was 13th in the overall World Cup. On the TTR it was enough after the end of season rather sloping services again for the sixth overall; with eleven detailed in the scoring race, he was one of the most consistent snowboarders of the tour.

Only late Podladtchikov began the season 2008/09. By the end of 2008, only a 27 place at the NorAm Cup was to book. For this he had been an athlete of Zurich city in which he lived in Switzerland, since moving, excellent, the award ceremony took place in March 2009. In January 2009, he played some small at first successful contests on the TTR, then he reached the third place at the Burton European Open. Also the first two contests in the World Cup ended the Swiss in third place. Although he subsequently only started at a World Cup event - the Big Air in Moscow - he was 13th in the halfpipe and 45th in the overall World Cup. Approximately in the same area he placed on the TTR, where he overall 49th been.

The Olympic World Cup 2009/10 season began for Podladtchikov with another podium result, a second place in Cardrona, where he was beaten only the halfpipe gold medalist Shaun White. The 2009/10 season on the Swatch TTR tour went for Podladtchhikov with a victory in the halfpipe the 6Star O'Neill Evolution and the 5Star Burton Canadian Open successfully. In the last 6 -star event of the tour, the Burton U.S. Open, Iouri missed the half-pipe out on the podium and finished the competition ranked fourth this season he was one of the few snowboarders (next Shaun White ), in the half pipe the 1260 Double McTwist dominated. He finished the TTR World Tour with the second place in the overall list with 880.24 points, behind the dominant in the 2009/10 Tour Peetu Piiroinen Finns.

World and Olympic champion

At the Olympic Winter Games 2010 Podladtchikov finished fourth. On 18 February 2012, he was TTR World Champion in the halfpipe. In 2013 he won the world championship in the halfpipe FIS. He also decided the BEOs 2012 for yourself. In the X Games in Tignes, he stood on March 21, first time in 2013 in a contest successfully created of him, " YOLO flip " an extremely sophisticated double overhead rotated 1440 ° Doublecork. Eleven months later, at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014, he became Olympic champion.


Podladtchikovs father, a professor of geophysics, emigrated in 1992 and his family from Russia to Western Europe. After stints in Sweden and the Netherlands, the Podladtchikovs 1996 set up operations in Switzerland. By the summer of 2007, Iouri Podladtchikov was a Russian citizen and took part in competitions in Russia, then he became a Swiss citizen. Whether its good performance in the following winter was the snowboarders claims to be an offer by the Russian Federation to start again for this. However, this offer he rejected, on the grounds that " the Swiss Association of everything much more professional " is. In addition to the snowboard Podladtchikov drives as well as other athletes in the discipline like skateboard.