Iovantucarus ( " the youth loves " older form * Ḭoṷantutokāros ) is the name of a Celtic deity, called on some inscriptions from the area of Treverians and is usually equated there after the interpretatio romana with Mars.

Inscriptions and function

Five inscriptions from Trier (Augusta Trevirorum ) call Iovantucarus in the temple district Irminenwingert in connection with Mars Lenus and once with Mercurius (Fi 15-19). In an inscription from Tholey (Saarland ), he is also seen as a Celtic equivalent to Mercurius, on a silver ring, found in Heidenburg, the name stands without interpretation

Iovantucaros is regarded as the patron of youth, to be offered on cult Portraits in the temple district of Trier bird of children victims as patron of the " machinations boy " he is sometimes equated with Vassocaletis.