Ippei Kojima

Ippei Kojima (Japanese小岛 一 平, Kojima Ippei; * 1944 in Kyoto Prefecture ) is a former badminton player from Japan.


Kojima is one of the most important Japanese badminton players of the 1960s and 1970s. From 1967 to 1976 he played for his country in the Thomas Cup.

From 1966 his first win a national championship dated. Eight more singles titles and three doubles titles with Masao Akiyama followed until 1975. Internationally, he won so far the only Japanese in the season 1969/1970 the Denmark Open in singles. The All England in 1970 he finished third. Two bronze medals he won in the same year in the men's singles and mixed with Etsuko Takenaka at the Asian Games in badminton. At the Olympics in 1972, where badminton was played as a demonstration sport, he left in the first round in doubles with Suresh Goel.