IPredator is a Virtual Private Network ( VPN) anonymization service that is offered by The Pirate Bay for the first time in 2009 in order to move to protect the privacy incognito in the Internet.

The provision of the offer was made in response to the announced implementation of the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive ( IPRED ) in Sweden on April 1, 2009, which allows the retrieval of personal information by the rights owner for suspected copyright infringement. The name of the service IPREDator was intended as a reference to this Directive.

IPredator became known through the connection to The Pirate Bay, and the closures through the online payment services Payson, PayPal and Paysafecard in 2013.

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In March 2009, Peter Sunde told the magazine TorrentFreak that the service is currently in beta and will be tested later with approximately 500 users. On 15 June 2009 The Pirate Bay announced reaching 180,000 registrations and send out the invitations to the first 3000 users. In January 2010, finally IPredator was opened to the public.

Although the service was initially directed against the IPRED law, the operators have the fight against the controversial in Sweden Försvarets radio Institution ( FRA ) Act of 18 June 2008 on the agenda. The special unit of military intelligence MUST suspicion may independently monitor all communications of the Swedish citizens abroad since that time. Based on the computer game Punch -Out! was the start date a graphic titled " FRA vs IPredator - It's on " published.

Payment blocks

In July 2013, the Swedish Payment Service Payson shared with his affected customers to adjust payments via credit card at IPredator. Global provider PayPal froze further ado the Ipredator account. The reason given for new policies of VISA and MasterCard to support future no VPN operators more - as previously already been the case with file-sharing services. Despite persisting payment blocks both VISA and MasterCard had been no official confirmation known. TorrentFreak suspected behind the action to influence by authorities, which should however be done as part of the PRISM scandal to the complete wrong time.

In August 2013 Paysafecard put the payments to IPredator on the grounds that one can not track if a customer has unlawfully. On August 26, 2013 were posted on the blog of IPredator that PayPal has removed the account lockout after clarification of " misunderstandings " and that Paysafecard has indeed IPredator locked, but proxy services such as JonDo, as well as other Sharehoster further support.

After the clashes with credit card providers and online payment services IPredator accepted with prior September 2013 now pay using: Bitcoin, PayPal (no credit cards), Payson (no credit cards), OK Pay (no credit cards), as well as Payza ( with credit cards).


Operators and registrations

Although IPredator is connected to The Pirate Bay, organization and technology but are separated.

On September 4, 2013 was the domain registered on ipredator.se PrivActually Ltd.. in Cyprus. The host with the IP: stood at the provider Resilians AB in Sweden. 20 VPN server running vpn.ipredator.se stood by the Provider Port Lane Networks AB, Sweden.


IPredator supports dialing via OpenVPN and PPTP, with PPTP is generally not recommended due to safety concerns. IPv6, L2TP/IPSEC and SSTP are not supported as of September 2013.


According to his own statements IPredator data logged for debugging purposes in establishing and terminating connections. The log files are stored externally and encrypted. Because of the pre-paid model used no user data will be stored according to Ipredator.