Ira Allen

Ira Allen ( * April 21, 1751 in Cornwall, Litchfield County, Connecticut, † January 7, 1814 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was one of the founders of the U.S. state of Vermont.


Ira Allen was born in Connecticut; his brother was the American freedom fighters Ethan Allen.

He was from 1776 to 1786 Finance Minister of the newly founded State of Vermont, which was still independent at this time as Vermont Republic; he also sat for several years in State Parliament. Through his initiative taken in 1780, the University of Vermont was founded. He even contributed financially and through the free provision of approximately 20 acres building site in Burlington at the conclusion of the project. Ira Allen is regarded as the " Metternich of Vermont " and "Father of the University of Vermont ."

In France, Allen bought 1795 20.000 rifles and 24 guns, in order to resell to Vermont. At sea, he was captured and placed in England for attempted arms shipment to the Irish rebels under indictment. After an eight-year process, he was finally acquitted.


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