IRB World Rankings

The IRB World Rankings is the official world rankings for rugby union teams and is led by the World Association International Rugby Board. It was first published in October 2003 and will allow to determine periodically the strength of internationally active teams and to compare it to.

The ranking is calculated using a " point exchange " system, in which a team of other points taken away. The number of points that are exchanged based on the score, the relative strength of the two teams and the margin of victory. Is also taken into account the home advantage. The system was designed so that the importance from long ago games continuously decreases and the current results have a greater significance. During the Rugby Union World Cup, the number of points to be awarded will be doubled in order to underline the outstanding importance of this competition. Each member of the IRB scores 0 to 100. The best-placed team usually has a rating of over 90 points.

Current World Ranking

As of March 13, 2014