View from the Hochwacht direction Eglisau (left) and book Berg ( right).

Irchel tower

The Irchel is a range of hills in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland, with peaks up to 694 m above sea level. M. It lies between Töss Thur and the Rhine.

The shape of the west, north and east sloping mountain plateau in steep slopes can be at first glance a formation of the Jura formation, similar to the suspect Randen. In fact, the Irchel is not part of the Jura Mountains, but is attributable to its seated on a gravel Molassesockel ceiling plate of the Molasse zone of the Swiss plateau.

The main peaks of the ridge are:

  • Hochwacht (signal) 668.4 m
  • Hoernli 666 m
  • Schartenflue 667 m |
  • Forums Irchel 674 m
  • Buechemer Irchel 694 m

In Roman times, the Irchel was part of the Rhenish Limes. In the 17th and 18th centuries the Irchel was part of the high Wachten alarm system of the Canton of Zurich. The alarm system of high Wachten was very fast: in the canton of Zurich could, for example, in 15 minutes every 23 high Wachten to pass the signal. The most famous Zurich University Wachten were on the warehouses, the Irchel and the Uetliberg.

The view over the Flaachtal to Germany, for example, from Irchel tower (above the Irschel book ), or the Rütelbuck make the ridge a popular recreation area for hikers, bikers and nature lovers. On the slopes is a historical wine region, part of the Zürcher Weinland.

Share the Irschel the municipalities of Berg am Irchel, book the Irschel, free stone depths and Dättlikon.

Mount the Irschel is the church in Zurich's wine country with the largest drop in the municipal area. The difference in height is about 350 m (about 330 m along the Rhine to about 680 m on the Irchel )