Ireland national field hockey team

The Irish national hockey team of the men 's team, Ireland ( Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) represented at international tournaments. It belongs to the Irish Hockey Association.

Ireland has twice qualified for the world hockey championship. 1978 and 1990, finished the tournament to each ranked 12th

The Olympic Games in London in 1908 ended for the Irish team to the silver medal. As Ireland was not yet independent, the silver medal Great Britain was allocated. Great Britain reached in this way places 1-4 ( 1st place: England, Places 3 /4: Wales and Scotland); started there were only Germany and France.

Since independence, the Irish national team could not qualify for the Olympic tournament. When qualifying tournament in 2008 New Zealand, the team could conclude the group stage on points with Argentina and New Zealand, but lost the play-off for 3rd place against France.

In addition, the Irish were able to record a first place in the qualifying tournament for field hockey European Championship Men 2003 in Dublin. The EM they shut on the 9th Place. Ireland with five title wins reigning record holder of the Celtic Cup.

In the FIH World Ranking, the team is currently the fifteenth place (status: August 13, 2012).