Irish Sport Horse

The Irish Sport Horse (English Irish Sport Horse ) is a horse breed from Ireland, which was created by crossing the Irish Draught Horse with thouroughbred. This is a relatively new selective breeding, the aim is equipped mainly with jumping ability sport horse. The mating of a Draught mares with Thoroughbred stallions itself was completed in Ireland has always been to provide a suitable for hunting horse - to get - the Irish Hunter.

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The Irish Sport Horse shows, depending on the percentage of blood pronounced features of the Draught Horse and the whole blood. The head is the most noble, the neck long. The chest is broad and deep. The withers are pronounced and the back strong, the ideal saddle position. Shoulder, upper and lower arms, and croup, upper and lower thighs are muscular. The croup is sloping and set the tail deep. The tubes are dry and strong, the bonds elastic. Colors other than gray, and brown foxes are rare. The Height is usually 165-170 cm.


The Irish Sport Horse is equipped and ready to perform with honest and benign character. His constitution is robust and enduring. It is grown mainly for show jumping and eventing. It is a relatively late mature, but also durable horse.