Iron Gate II Hydroelectric Power Station


The power station Iron Gate 2 (Serbian Ђердап II / Djerdap II,. Rum Portile de Fier II) is a running power plant in the Danube River on the border between Serbia and Romania, and is located at the Iron Gate. It is located downstream to the power station Iron Gate 1 and is the last Danube power plant before the Danube Delta in the Black Sea.

With planning used by both countries equally dam was begun in 1977, the company was incorporated in 1984. In the year of completion, the bottleneck capacity Con t with 16 turbines 432 MW, with eight turbines of the power plant were each assigned a country. Due to technical upgrades on the Romanian side a further two turbines were installed in the following years and the performance of all turbines will be increased to 28 MW each and a total of 280 MW. On the Serbian side another two turbines have also been installed, but the output per turbine remained the same, so currently the Serbian power plant side has a total capacity of 270 MW. The total maximum capacity is currently 550 MW.

The dam of the power plant is used as a border crossing between Serbia and Romania since the end of 2011.