Iron(III) phosphate

  • Iron orthophosphate
  • Ferric phosphate
  • Ferrum phos
  • Ferrum phos oxydatum

Yellow-brown odorless solid


2.87 g · cm -1

500 ° C (decomposition to form iron (III ) oxide )

Sparingly soluble in water

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Iron (III ) phosphate is a chemical compound selected from the group of phosphates, specifically, the iron phosphates. It also occurs in several hydrated forms FePO4 · n H2O, where from 140 ° C, the crystal water is given.


Iron (III ) phosphate also comes naturally in the soil (eg as mineral Strengit ). With incorporation of phosphates (fertilizers ) in water produces naturally iron (III ) phosphate.

Production and representation

Iron (III) -phosphate can be represented by the reaction of ferrous hydroxide, and phosphoric acid.


Iron (III ) phosphate is used as an active ingredient in pesticides ( against snails ), and as a molluscicide in the pharmaceutical, food industry and ceramics.

Related compounds

  • Iron ( II) phosphate
  • Eisendiphosphat
  • Iron (III) hydroxophosphat