Ironman Triathlon

Ironman ( American pronunciation: [' aɪɘrn ˌ men ], British pronunciation: [ ' aɪɘn ˌ men ], common in the German wrong, deviating pronunciation: [ ' aɪʁɘn ˌ mɛn ] ) is the common name for the longest discharged long-distance distance triathlon on a commercial basis. Generalizing be called " Ironman " to some extent all triathlon endurance competitions.

  • 3.1 world best of men
  • 3.2 world best women

History and Organization

The literal translation of Ironman is " Iron Man ". The first competition of the long- distance triathlon took place in 1978 in Hawaii instead. The winner was allowed to " Ironman " call. " Ironman " is now a registered trademark of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC ). WTC Managing Director since May 2011 Andrew brass. Since 2006, the Triathlon is officially advertised in Hawaii as a world championship and accepted by the World Federation International Triathlon Union. Also since 2006, there is the part of the WTC, the additional middle-distance Ironman 70.3 series.

An Ironman Long Distance consists of a swimming distance of 3.86 km ( 2.4 miles ), a cycling stage of 180.2 km (112 miles) and a marathon ( 42.195 km, 26.2 miles ), which will be played one after the other.

Because of the trademark " Ironman " other competitions on the long distance triathlon should not be called Ironman. There are, for example, in Germany the Challenge Roth or Ostseeman in Glücksburg. Since 2002, in addition to the Ironman series in the world and the Challenge race series held on the long - and medium distance.

Ironman Triathlon World Series

As part of the Ironman Triathlon World Series over the Ironman (3.86 km swim, 180.2 km cycling, 42.195 km running) and the Half- Ironman distance (1,9 km swimming, 90 km cycling, 21, 1 km = running Ironman 70.3 ) will be awarded the 1,800 places in the world Championship Ironman Hawaii every year. The professionals need to gain points for up to five Ironman races and three half- Ironman race. The top 50 men and 30 women will qualify for the World Cup.

Germany has since 1997 been with Thomas Hellriegel (1997), Norman Stadler (2004 and 2006) and Faris Al -Sultan (2005) provide four times the world champion. The European Championship in this series will take place in Frankfurt. Since 2012 is a U.S. Championship in New York City and is one Asia -Oceania Championship held in Melbourne.

Most places in the World Cup will be awarded to amateurs who are a so-called "slot" reach in the qualifying race ( see table below). A small portion of the slots will be awarded on internal procedures ( lottery, many previous participations or Ebay). For years, the German -speaking countries ( Germany, Switzerland and Austria) to the U.S., the largest starting field for the race in Kailua- Kona, Hawaii.

Current venues

New venues

  • On 18 August 2013, the Ironman Copenhagen was held for the first time in Copenhagen.
  • On September 22, 2013, discharged with the Ironman Lake Tahoe for the first time since 2001, an Ironman in California.
  • On August 3, 2014, a new Ironman in the United States with the Ironman Boulder added to the race calendar - and 30 world races are now held.

Former venues


In triathlon there is no generally -used method for measuring the track lengths. Even the running tracks of the great endurance races are not measured with the Jones Counter. Therefore, the following best times are always estimate with an uncertainty about the route lengths.

In general, various routes are difficult to compare even with the same path length, since local conditions such as climate, winds ( marine) flow and the height profile can have far greater impact. Thus the routes in Hawaii and Lanzarote are considered very demanding, which is also reflected in the local bests. These are, despite the high power density of the athletes always have the best times for the continental routes.

World best of men

Andreas Raelert established 2011 when ( not Ironman series belonging ) Challenge Roth todays valid long-distance world record of men of 7:41:33 hours. The Belgian Marino Vanhoencker is with a time of 7:45:58 hours, the record holder in the Ironman series.

Swimming (3.86 miles):

  • Germany Christof wall ratchet 41:26 min ( Ironman Austria, 2006)
  • Germany in January Sibbersen 42:17 min ( Ironman Germany, 2004)
  • Germany in January Sibbersen 44:13 min ( Ironman Austria, 2005)
  • United States John Flanagan 44:36 min ( Ironman Florida, 2011)

Cycling ( 180.2 km ):

  • United States Andrew Starykowicz 4:02:17 h ( Ironman Florida, 2013)
  • United States Andrew Starykowicz 4:04:39 h ( Ironman Florida, 2012)
  • Germany Andreas Raelert 4:11:43 h ( Challenge Roth, 2011)
  • Germany Sebastian Kienle 4:12:46 h ( Challenge Roth, 2011)
  • United States Jordan Rapp 4:14:44 h ( Ironman Austin, 2013)

Running ( 42.195 kilometers ):

  • Luc van Lierde of Belgium 2:36:49 h ( Ironman Europe, 1997)
  • Belgium Bart Aernouts 2:37:01 h ( Ironman France, 2013)
  • Spain Victor Del Corral Morales 2:37:29 h ( Ironman Florida, 2013)
  • Belgium Marino Vanhoencker 2:39:24 h ( Ironman Austria, 2011)
  • Germany Andreas Raelert 2:40:07 h ( Ironman Austria 2013)
  • Spain Victor Del Corral Morales 2:43:58 h ( Ironman Austin, 2013)

World best women

Paula Newby - Fraser presented the 1994 Ironman Europe in Roth with 8:50:53 hours a new record over the long distance, and was over 14 years long Weltbestzeitinhaberin the Ironman series. The world record of the Ironman series of women of 8:33:56 hours was erected in 2011 at Ironman South Africa by the British Chrissie Wellington. She introduced in 2009 also on the record about the Ironman distance, they 2011 8:18:13 hours each improved in July 2010 ( 8:19:13 ), and - in the not for Ironman series associated long distance in Roth ( Challenge Roth).

Swimming (3.86 miles):

  • Germany Ute Mückel 47:45 min ( Ironman Europe in Roth, 2000)

Cycling ( 180.2 km ):

  • Switzerland Caroline Steffen 4:35:29 h ( Ironman Melbourne, 2012)
  • Germany Mareen hooves 4:39:17 h ( Ironman Florida, 2013)
  • Austria Lisa Hütthaler 4:39:54 h ( Ironman Florida, 2013)

Running ( 42.195 kilometers ):

  • Germany Kristin Möller 2:41:56 h ( Ironman UK, 2011)