IS Halmia

IS Halmia is a Swedish football club based in Halmstad in Halland. The club first played in the Allsvenskan in 1932 when the first club from Halland. Today, the men's team plays in the third-tier Division 1 Södra.


The club went through many ups and downs in its history. Among the highlights include primarily the 11 seasons that the club spent in the highest Swedish league, Allsvenskan. For the first time the club went on in 1932, but increased in 1934 again.

The next advancement was made ​​in 1943 and this time the club for 7 years was ( until 1950 ) compete in the Allsvenskan, the longest time in the club's history. Because after the descent 1950 IS Halmia could only play two more times in the Allsvenskan. This was initially in 1963, after 1962 sat in a qualifying match against Landskrona BoIS 3-0. In this game, the club set with 20 381 viewers a record number of visitors in the home stadium Örjans interval on which could be broken even by urban rivals Halmstad BK never. The so far last time the IS Halmia in 1979 in the Allsvenskan.

After relegation from the second division in 1985 and the walkover in the Viertklassigkeit 1989 IS Halmia disappeared briefly in the minor leagues area. 1994 managed to return in the third division, where the team was runner-up in 1997. In the subsequent rise of games the team won against Trollhättans FK and Nybro IF. As Table Südstaffel of the team went straight off again and was passed in the following year in the Viertklassigkeit. 2005 was the victim of a club league reform and crashed in the fifth division. Several times the team just missed the revival, which was accomplished in 2008 as a squadron winner.

Thanks to the 11 seasons in the Allsvenskan, the club has at least # 27 in the eternal table in this division (as of 2005). In the eternal table of Superettan ( division 2 ), where the club spent 44 seasons, the club has rank 8