Isaac J. MacCollum

Isaac James MacCollum ( born August 18, 1889 in Fenwick Iceland, Delaware, † March 4, 1968 in Wyoming) was an American physician and politician.


MacCollum was born in Fenwick Iceland. He left in 1910, the West Chester Normal School, which is known as West Chester University today and finished four years later his academic career at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.

During World War II he worked at the medical advisory board. In 1930 he became chairman of the Delaware State Medical Society. For nine years he worked as manager of the Delaware State Hospital.

His political career culminated in 1940 when he became the Lieutenant Governor of Delaware. He was able to prevail against the opposing candidates from the ranks of the Republican Party, D. Willey, Jr.. On January 21, 1941 MacCollum was sworn into his office and carried it for nearly four years, until 19 January 1945. During his tenure, the Governor Walter W. Bacon fell. He left in 1944 up against Bacon, to be self- elected governor, but could not prevail, and made the medicine back to the main focus of his life.

He died on March 4, 1968 in Wyoming.

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  • Deputy Governor (Delaware)
  • Physician ( 20th century )
  • Americans
  • Born in 1889
  • Died in 1968
  • Man