Isaac van Ostade

Isaac van Ostade (* 1621 in Haarlem, † October 1649 ) was a Dutch painter.

Isaac van Ostade, brother and pupil of Adriaen van Ostade, his first works are under its influence, too. He has left his rather short life time about 100 paintings that deal with motifs similar to those of his brother, with whom they are often confused. They show battles and rural scenes. After 1640 his images of peasant life on the streets and tavern scenes. The figures are entering more and more into the focus of his paintings.

The majority of the images is in English private collections. The Berlin Museum possesses the work stop at the Village Inn, a Dutch farmhouse parlor and the length portrait of a farmer, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, a stop at an inn and two Dutch channel views for winter time and the Munich Pinakothek six images, including two winter landscape with skaters and a village fair.


Slaughtering pigs (1642 )

Tavern scene ( 1644)

The Fissured Pig ( 1640 - 45)

Inn located on a frozen river ( around 1640 - 45)

Other works

  • Farmer with a slouch hat, wood, 45 × 38 cm. Berlin, Staatliche Museen Foundation ( West), Gemäldegalerie.
  • The slaughtered pig, 1639, wood, 44 × 67 cm. Munich, Alte Pinakothek.
  • A village inn, 1643, wood, 52 × 69 cm. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum.
  • Garnwinderin and boy in front of a farmhouse, wood, 45 × 37 cm.Brüssel, Museums Royaux des Beaux-Arts.
  • Inn located on a frozen river, wood, 49 × 40 cm. London, National Gallery.
  • Stop at the inn in 1640, canvas, 107 × 151 cm. Rotterdam, Boymans -van Beuningen