Isaac Wildrick

Isaac Wildrick ( born March 3, 1803 Marksboro, Warren County, New Jersey; † 22 March 1892 in Blairstown, New Jersey ) was an American politician. Between 1849 and 1853 he represented the State of New Jersey in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Isaac Wildrick attended the common schools and worked in Blairstown in agriculture. In the following decades, he held various local offices in his home. He was from 1827 to 1832 cop in Warren County. In addition, he served from 1829 to 1831 as a coroner. After that, he was from 1834 to 1839 Justice of the Peace. Then he had until 1841 held the post of sheriff in Warren County. In the years 1842-1848 Wildrick led the poorhouse in his district.

Politically, he was a member of the Democratic Party. From 1845 to 1848 he was a member of the county council in Warren County. In the congressional elections of 1848 he was in the third electoral district of New Jersey in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of Joseph E. Edsall on March 4, 1849. After a re-election he was able to complete in Congress until March 3, 1853 two legislative sessions. These were dominated by discussions about slavery prior to the Civil War. In 1852, Isaac Wildrick renounced another candidacy.

After the end of his time in the U.S. House of Representatives, he worked in agriculture. In the years 1856-1859 he was again county council; 1882 to 1885 he was a member in spite of his advanced age now the New Jersey General Assembly. He died on 22 March 1892 in Blairstown and was buried in Marksboro.