Isagoras was a politician in ancient Athens late 6th century BC

He was the son of Teisandros and came from 's premier home. After the expulsion of the tyrant Hippias 510 BC, he argued, Having regard to the nobility and the Spartan king Cleomenes, with the Alkmaioniden Cleisthenes for power in Athens. Cleisthenes was subject first and had to leave Athens, the people did but on his side.

Isagoras, the 508/507 BC, held the office of archon wanted to dissolve the Council in Athens and the government offices transferred three hundred members of the aristocracy. However, the Council resisted and not added in the statement. Isagoras and Cleomenes had to then retire to the Acropolis. After three days there was an agreement according to which they had to leave the city.

Cleomenes tried again in vain, Isagoras use again in Athens. The Athenians condemned Isagoras to death in absentia.

  • Politicians (Athens)
  • Born in the 6th century BC
  • Died in the 6th century BC
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