Isahaya, Nagasaki

Isahaya (Japanese谏 早市, -shi) is a city of Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū in Japan.


Isahaya located north of Nagasaki and west of Fukuoka.

The community is surrounded on three sides by water. To the east is the Ariake Sea, in the south of the Tachibana Bay and the west by the Omura Bay. The latter two are separated by the Shimabara Peninsula in southeastern Isahayas.


The city was appointed on September 1, 1940 for shi.

On July 25, 1957 was a record flood in which 630 people died. This led to the implementation of the bridge Meganebashi in the Isehaya Park and the victim is annually commemorated with a Buddhist Later hard.


  • Roads: Nagasaki highway
  • National roads 34, 57, 207, 251
  • JR Nagasaki Main Line: Tosu to Nagasaki or
  • JR Omura Line: according to Omura
  • Shimabara Railway Line

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Arata Fujiwara ( born 1981 ), marathon runner
  • Koji Yakusho (* 1956), actor


  • People's Republic of China Zhangzhou, China

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