Isao Nakauchi

Isao Nakauchi ( born August 2, 1922 in Kobe, Japan, † September 19, 2005 ibid ) was a Japanese entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Nakauchi founded in 1957 initially to Shufu no Mise Daiei in Osaka. In the United States in the early 1960s, he saw the potential for development of large supermarkets and sold his shares in the company at the Shufu no Mise Daiei. In addition, he separated from his interests in the People Inc., a steak house operators, and properties. He then founded the Daiei, with whom he became the king of the Japanese retail industry.

Isao Nakauchi was the founder and long -time head of Daiei. After his retirement from the company daily involvement in 2001, he was Chairman of the Board of Nakauchi Gakuen Education Foundation, which has established, inter alia, Kobe Gakuin University. Until his death, he had allowed himself to assure contract to represent the Daiei on.

With the pioneer of management theory, a native of Austria Harvard professor Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909-2005), Nakauchi wrote two books about the peculiarities of the Japanese and Asian economy and the global economic challenges of the Asian economy.

Forbes leads the Daiei in the Forbes International 2000 at No. 546 ( 2005). Nakauchi itself was in 2000 to find number 75 of the world's richest people in Forbes.

Isao Nakauchi died of a heart attack. He left behind a wife, two sons and a daughter.