Isdera ( engineering office for styling, design and racing ) is a was established in 1983 in Leonberg German automobile manufacturer. Since 2005, the company is located in Hildesheim.


Eberhard Schulz, developer at Porsche, already presented in 1969 his first sports cars, the Erator GTE. In the development he had resorted tested series engineering of Porsche and Mercedes -Benz. In 1978 he succeeded in cooperation with the Frankfurt-based company B & automotive technology breakthrough with his presentation of the study CW 311

With this experience, Schulz 1982 he founded his own engineering office, which he had registered as GmbH on 30 November 1983. As a logo, he chose an eagle on a blue background. 1983 debuted the Spyder, 1984, the Emperor ( an evolution of the CW 311 ), 1993 and 2006 of the Commendatore Autobahnkurier.

Besides the production of Isdera vehicles Eberhard Schulz is still active as a developer for the automotive industry. In his spare time he deals with art painting.