Iset River

The pent-up Iset in Yekaterinburg

The Iset at Wodolasowo below Kamensk- Uralski (early color photo of Prokudin-Gorsky, 1912)

Course of isset ( Исеть ) in the catchment of Tobol

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The 606 km long isset (Russian Исеть, fem, also Iset ) is a left tributary of the Tobol ( river system of the Ob) in Uralhinterland and the West Siberian Plain (Russia, Asia).

The Iset has its origin in the ( partially dammed ) lake isset ( Исетское озеро / водохранилище / Issetskoje Ozero / wodochranilischtsche ) at Sredneuralsk northwest of Yekaterinburg on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains at 250 meters above sea level. NN. In its upper reaches in and around Yekaterinburg flows through them more pent-up in the 18th century for mining purposes " ponds ", such as the Verch - Issetski Pond ( Верх - Исетский пруд / Upper Iset Pond ) and small reservoirs. In places, it forms rapids. To increase the water supply of the Iset and improving the water supply of Yekaterinburg of the Woltschicha Dam was ( Волчихинское водохранилище / Woltschichinskoje wodochranilischtsche, the so-called Sverdlovsk or Ekaterinburg Sea) to the to the river system, the Volga belonging Chusovaya a 6 km long canal to the upper Iset - pond river opens out Reschotka ( Решётка ) dug. This - not navigable - channel thus crosses the Continental Divide between the Caspian Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Next flowing through the isset in an easterly direction in a wide valley, the West Siberian Lowland, and flows finally 5 km south of Yalutorovsk in the Tobol (51 m above sea level. NN ).

The catchment area of ​​58,900 km ² comprises Iset. At the village Issetskoje ( Исетское ), 105 km from the mouth, the average discharge is 73.1 m³ / s In the lower reaches of the river is about 50 m wide and 2 m deep, the flow velocity is 0.4 m / s The main tributaries are Miass, Techa and Sinara.

The river flows through the Sverdlovsk Oblast with the cities of Yekaterinburg, Aramil and Kamensk- Uralski, the Kurgan Oblast with Kataisk, Dalmatowo and Schadrinsk and the Tyumen Oblast. Since the flow in the upper and middle reaches flow through to Schadrinsk heavily industrial in character, cities, he has to contend with dirt. This section also partially extend the railway line and road Ekaterinburg Kurgan in the wide valley of the Iset.

The Iset freezes from November to April. It is in principle passable for small boats from Schadrinsk, but today it is not an official waterway, since it greatly meanders in the lower reaches.