ISF has the following meanings:

  • Initiative Socialist Forum, an anti- German Freiburg Working Group
  • International Snowboarding Federation, the former World Association of snowboarding
  • International Stabilization Force, a multinational military intervention force in East Timor
  • International Seafarers ' Federation, Federation of Associations maritime and naval clubs at European level
  • ISF Munich, the Institute for Social Science Research in Munich
  • Iraqi security forces, the English name of the armed forces of Iraq
  • Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute for Lake Research in Baden-Württemberg Langenargen on Lake Constance
  • Institute of sense -oriented management in Fürstenfeldbruck / Munich
  • Institute of Machining Technology in Dortmund
  • Abbreviation for interstitial fluid, lymph see
  • Import Security Filing, formerly 10 2 filing. Pre- registration at sea with the U.S.
  • International Seed Federation, a global trade association for the seed industry
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