Isham Talbot

Isham Talbot (* 1773 in Talbot, Bedford County, Virginia; † September 25, 1837 in Frankfort, Kentucky) was an American lawyer and politician of the Democratic-Republican Party, who represented the state of Kentucky in the U.S. Senate.

A native of Virginia Isham Talbot moved with his parents to Kentucky in 1784, where the family settled in Harrodsburg. After completing his education he studied law, was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Versailles. Later he moved to Frankfort, where he was also legally operate.

Between 1812 and 1815, Talbot was a member of the Senate from Kentucky. He retired from there in order to represent his state in the U.S. Senate; at a by-election, he received the mandate of the withdrawing Jesse Bledsoe, which he held on 2 February 1815 to 3 March 1819. Already in the year after his retirement from the Senate, he returned to the Parliament chamber, where he took the place of a retired politician again; this time it was William Logan. Talbot's second term in Congress lasted from October 19, 1820 to March 3, 1825. Afterwards, he again worked as a lawyer before he died in 1837 on his plantation at Frankfort.