Ishtar Terra

Ishtar Terra (also Ishtar Terra, Ishtar Terra English ) is one of two main highland regions on the planet Venus. It is of the two "Venus continents " by Aphrodite Terra, the smaller with a size between those of Australia and the continental United States, and lies in the northern hemisphere relatively close to the North Pole between the 45th and the 80th degree of latitude. It is named after the Akkadian goddess Ishtar.


In the western part of Ishtar Terra is four kilometers above the zero level of the plateau Lakshmi Planum unique, named after the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. On the plateau are the two volcanoes Colette Patera and Sacajawea Patera, named after Sidonie -Gabrielle Colette and the Shoshone Indian woman Sacagawea. Almost all formations on Venus wear female name. The plateau is surrounded by the four major mountain ranges of Venus; the south by the Danu Montes, in the west of the Akna Montes, north of the approximately 6.5 km even higher Frejya Montes and in the east of Maxwell Montes. The Maxwell mountains with an altitude of up to 10,800 m above sea level. Zero level, the highest elevation of Venus. They got your name in honor of James Clerk Maxwell, who has created his equations of the electromagnetic waves, among other things, provide a basis for the radar to explore the surface of Venus.

To the east of the Maxwell Mountains is the filled with solidified lava crater Cleopatra. It is named after Cleopatra VII and with a diameter of 104 kilometers of the eight largest impact craters on Venus.

In the eastern part of Ishtar Terra has the highland tesserae on extensive, mainly the Fortuna Tessera region, a hilly plateau with a height of about up to 2500 m above sea level. Zero level. Such pattern parquet -like structured by faults Highlands witness apparently believe that there was once the planet's surface in very changeable movement.