Islamic republic

Islamic Republic (Arabic جمهورية إسلامية, Persian جمهوری اسلامی ) is the self-designation of some countries to be ruled according to their own conception partially or mainly on principles of Islam. After Ruhollah Khomeini is an Islamic republic like all other republics, only " with the difference that their content is the Islamic law."

Islam is the state religion enshrined in the constitution of an Islamic Republic, and in the legislation applies in parts or as a whole Sharia application. Nevertheless, the self-designation is accompanied by very different forms of government. As Islamic republics of Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Sudan, and Pakistan, the first named as such call. The island nation of Comoros describes itself as Islamic Federal Republic. Yemen is under the Constitution of 1994 Islamic presidential republic. The political systems and structures are different. Mauritania and Pakistan are considered presidential republic, while at the same time Pakistan is also a Federal Republic. Afghanistan has one of the Islamic world relatively democratic constitution as a presidential system of government.

Failed Attempts to set up an Islamic Republic, were the Arab Islamic Republic and the Islamic Republic of Morocco.