Isle (river)

Isle in Perigueux

The Isle is a river in south-west France, which runs into the regions of Limousin and Aquitaine. It rises in the Monts du Limousin, in the municipality of Janailhac, drained and flows generally in a southwesterly direction after 255 kilometers in Libourne as a right tributary of the Dordogne. On their way to the Isle crosses the Haute- Vienne, Dordogne and Gironde. The mean slope is 1.56 m / km.

Places on the river

  • Jumilhac -le- Grand
  • Corgnac -sur -l'Isle
  • Savignac- les- Églises
  • Périgueux
  • Saint- Astier
  • Saint-Front -de- Pradoux
  • Mussidan
  • Montpon- Ménestérol
  • Saint- Médard -de- Guizères
  • Coutras
  • Guîtres
  • Saint- Denis- de-Pile
  • Libourne


Left tributaries:

  • Loue
  • Auvézère
  • Manoire
  • Vern
  • Crempse
  • Beauronne (Les Lèches )
  • Palace
  • Barbanne

Rights tributaries:

  • Valouse
  • Beauronne ( opportunity charging )
  • Beauronne ( Saint -Vincent )
  • Duche
  • Dronne
  • Lary
  • Saye


Until the mid- 19th century, the Isle still served as a trade route for grain and wine. She was then channeled to a length of 144 kilometers and was navigable from the mouth to Périgueux with ships. However, the buildings and facilities are out of service for many years, so that today are only 31 kilometers dependent on the tides part of the river, from Libourne to the lock Laubardemont, just below Coutras navigable.