ISO 15924

ISO 15924 is a given out by the International Organization for Standardization standard that identifies abbreviations for writing systems. Each writing system has both a four -character abbreviation, as well as a numeric code.

These abbreviations are necessary to characters which have been brought together in Unicode ( such as fracture or Chinese characters) to assign a font and a font type by selecting a different look. For example, as in HTML and XML from German into Latin characters ( de - Latn ) and German in Fraktur ( de - LATF ) can be distinguished. It is also, for example, for Chinese characters needed to distinguish between simplified and traditional characters, with Hans and Hant for simplified or traditional Chinese characters.


ISO 15924 is managed by the Unicode Consortium. 2004 Michael Everson has been appointed as registrar.

Code systematics

Number ranges

  • 700-799 shorthands and other notations
  • 800-899 ( unassigned )
  • 900-999 Private Use, aka, special codes

Special values

  • 900 .. 949 Qaaa - Qabx: 50 codes reserved for private use.
  • 994 Zinh: Code for inherited script
  • 995 Zmth: Mathematical notation
  • 996 Symbols: Symbols
  • 997 Zxxx: Code for unwritten languages
  • 998 Zyyy: Code for undetermined script
  • Zzzz 999: Code for uncoded script