ISO/IEC 8859-6

ISO 8859-6, more specifically ISO / IEC 8859-6 also known as Arabic, is an updated by the ISO 1999 standard for the last information technology to character encoding with eight bits, and the sixth part of the family of standards ISO / IEC 8859, based on the code page 708.

The encodable with seven -bit US-ASCII characters correspond with leading zero bits. In addition to the 95 displayable ASCII characters (2016 - 7E16 ) codes ISO 8859-6 51 more ( A016, A416, AC16 - AD16, BB16, BF16, C116 - DA16, E016 - F216 ), for a total of 146 theoretically possible 256 ( = 28). Positions 0016- 1F16 and 7F16, 9F16 are assigned in ISO / IEC 8859, and thus the ISO / IEC 8859-6 no characters. The defined by IANA as ISO -8859 -6 ( with hyphen) means the combination of the characters of this standard with control characters can not be represented in accordance with ISO / IEC 6429th

Although ISO 8859-6 contains all the letters of the Arabic alphabet, but is not used very often. The additional letter from the Persian and other languages ​​are completely absent.


SP (space) at position 2016 is the space, NBSP ( no-break space, even non-breaking space ) to position A016 is the protected space and SHY ( soft hyphen ) at position AD16 is the conditional hyphen that normally only at the end of the line is visible.