Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

The Israel Academy of Sciences, more specifically Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, (Hebrew: האקדמיה הלאומית הישראלית למדעים ) is a public research institution, it is the Academy of Sciences of the State of Israel.


Just six years after the founding of Israel, the establishment of an independent National Academy was stimulated by the Minister of Education Professor Ben -Zion Dinur and a committee of prominent scientists. Once this request has been since 1957 formally supported by the Prime Minister Ben Gurion, it came to preparations by the religious philosopher Martin Buber on December 27, 1959 founding of the Academy, which was confirmed in June 1961 by the Knesset. Martin Buber became its first president.


The Israeli Academy of Sciences consists of two sections: Natural Sciences and Humanities ( includes social sciences). It is managed by the President and Vice President, the Chairman of the sections and a managing director. There will be an annual general meeting, the sections gather three times a year. The headquarters of the Academy is Jerusalem, Albert Einstein Square, 43 Jabotinsky St.

Objectives of the Academy are in addition to the organization of the best living in Israel scholars and scientists to promote science and research projects, advise the government on matters of research and scientific planning of national importance, maintaining contacts with relevant foreign institutions and the mission of Israel in international organizations and conferences.


Under the Articles, each section can have up to 35 members, with members who are older than 75 years or not (no longer ) live in Israel, not be counted. As long as the number of 35 is not achieved, up to five new members can be selected for each section, and years. It is a lifetime membership.

List of Presidents

The Israeli Academy of Sciences has been guided by the following presidents: