Israel Medical Association

The Israel Medical Association (IMA, Israeli Medical Association ), sometimes referred to as Israeli Medical Association, is a US-based organization Physicians Israel.


The IMA provides its origins in the Hebrew Society for Medicinal Jaffa and the Jaffa District, which was established in 1912 by the then 32 resident in Israel today, doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists to Dr. Krinkin in the Tel Aviv- Jaffa. From it the Hebrew Medical Association developed during the British Mandate in the Land of Israel (HMA ), which eventually became the Israel Medical Association. This holds annual meetings, medical topics and health policy and ethical issues are discussed on the. Your members, it offers exchange programs between Israeli and foreign hospitals, universities and institutions. In addition, the IMA collective bargaining leads to the Israeli public health sector. It thus takes over in Israel and union tasks.

World Fellowship

Doctors around the world have the opportunity to enter the international World Fellowship, which offers regular technical meetings.


The IMA publishes two magazines that Harefuah (medicine) in Modern Hebrew with English summaries and the Israel Medical Association Journal ( IMAJ ).