Ist (island)

Is (Italian Isto ) is an island in the Adriatic Sea and part of the Croatian Zadar County.


The island is located north of the island Molat and is surrounded by many other small and uninhabited islands. She can be reached by ferry from Zadar in 2.75 hours. On Is there is an eponymous place where most of the population has a fixed residence.


The first time was mentioned in 1311 is, however, still under the name of East and in 1527 the island under the name Isto (Italian ) is mentioned. The name derives from the Illyrian, whose meaning is unknown. When the Croats settled the island, they found the Romans before, one of which is still the name of many places are derived on Is: Funestrala, Klunda, Mavrela, Skrivadica and Turtula.

Important events


The people of Is are mostly Croats and living from fishing and tourism in the summer. Many families rent rooms or apartments.