Isuzu Truck South Africa

The Isuzu Truck South Africa (Pty. ) Ltd.. is an automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Sandton, South Africa. The company was founded in November 2006 with a total investment of 80 million rand as a joint venture between Isuzu JIDOSHA kk and the General Motors South Africa ( Pvt.) Ltd.. founded and started on January 1, 2007 to work. Both investors invest a share of 50 percent. About 6,000 units are assembled here every year for the local market. The plant management reports to the Chief Executive Officer Masatoshi Kobayashi.

The factory site covers an area of ​​16,602 square meters in Sandton, as well as further 790 square meters in the work of General Motors in Port Elizabeth. So far the only model that is assembled here, the Isuzu KB, which is also sold in the markets of Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Isuzu employs in its South African subsidiary in approximately 50 employees.

Model Overview