It- Bag is a term for a fashionable handbag.

The term was probably coined around 1990 by the company Fendi; The aim was to establish a separate division in the then again rapidly increasing market for women's handbags. Here, an It Bag is a merely for a short time, sometimes not even a fashion season long current model. Conversely, the definition read: "They are most definitely not it bags in the sense thatthey become Is not bags the next season. " (Paraphrased: An It- Bag is only one, but she is no longer in the next season ).

For a it-bag to a brief "must-have " is going to change the fashion houses in ever shorter cycles the styling of the products and try them through advertising, but especially about the placement as an accessory of the stars of certain events to the consumer virtually bring.

It- Bags are manufactured by all major fashion houses (such as Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel ( Mademoiselle Bag ), Chloé, YSL, Botkier, Kooba ).


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