It Dies Today

It Dies Today ( occasionally abbreviated IDT ) is a five-piece metalcore band from Buffalo, New York, which was founded in August 2001. They released three albums.


In August 2001, Nick Brooks, Chris Cappelli and Steve Lemke joined in Buffalo to a metalcore band together. Together with drummer Nick Mirusso and bassist Seth Thompson completed and they played some of the shows. They were discovered by Life Sentence Records and were allowed their first EP Forever Scorned bring out in 2002 there. It made ​​his first appearances with renowned bands such as Between the Buried and Me and Alexisonfire. During this time Steve Sanchez Thompson replaced on bass; However, he realized that he liked wants to pursue other musical goals, which is why he left the band in 2003. Instead of a successor to search, guitarist Steve Lemke agreed to play the bass. For him, Mike Hatalak slipped on the second guitar. It was followed by other performances with bands such as Throwdown, Eighteen Visions and Bleeding Through.

The increasing success gave the 5 musicians signed to Trustkill Records. With this label in 2004, her album The Caitiff Choir (based on Dante's "Divine Comedy "). The album sold exceptionally well, which the group gave performances with All That Remains, Trivium, God Forbid, Caliban, Devil Driver, Machine Head, The Haunted and Fear Factory. From mid- November 2004, the album was also sold in Europe, however. Than special edition with 6 bonus tracks and 2 videos

After a tour with Bullet For My Valentine and Still Remains followed in May 2006, the first European tour ( with Every Time I Die and Protest the Hero in England). Meanwhile, they have also produced their second studio album Sirens, which was released in late summer 2006.

After promotional tours with Silverstein, Aiden and Papa Roach through the American continent, was singer Nick Brooks exit from the band known. He saw the work with IDT for finished and wanted to start a new project. Since the other members of this but did not see so they got Jason Wood, who helped out previously for Still Remains on bass. End of July 2006 Sirens was also released in Europe.

On 15 September 2009, the third studio album Lividity was published.

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  • It Dies Today coverte for the soundtrack of John Carpenter's Masters of Horror the song Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. You can download this track on the eponymous double - CD along with other tracks from the band Funeral For A Friend.



  • 2004: The Caitiff Choir
  • 2006: The Caitiff Choir ( re-release in Europe)
  • 2006: Sirens
  • 2007: Sirens ( new recording of the album )
  • 2009: Lividity


  • 2001: Let the Angels Whisper Your Name
  • 2002: Forever Scorned
  • 2006: Forever Scorned ( Re-Release)
  • 2006: The Caitiff Choir [ LIMITED CD / DVD]