It Must Have Been Love

November 23, 1987 June 9, 1990 September 1, 1993

DE, SW, AT Silver: UK

" It Must Have Been Love " is a ballad by the Swedish pop duo Roxette, which was excellent both in different European countries and in the United States with gold and to this day is one of her best-selling and best-known singles. Both the text and the composition derived by Per Gessle, who in 1987 brought the song in his home country with the Beititel " Christmas for the Broken Hearted " in the sale. However, outside of Sweden, the song became an international hit record only in 1990, after he was released with a slightly changed line of text, as part of the highly successful soundtracks for film comedy Pretty Woman again.

2005 Per Gessle received a special award from the U.S. music company BMI, after the song had been more than four million copies played by American radio stations.

  • 8.1 När kärleken föds
  • 8.2 Other cover versions

First published in 1987

The first time, It Must Have Been Love ( Christmas For The Broken Hearted ), the original title, released in the course of 1987, after EMI Germany Roxette asked for the composition of an intelligent Christmas song. Although it abolished the single in Sweden # 4 on the charts, EMI decided the song neither in Germany nor to publish another country.

This original version was to be found in the subsequent period up to 1997 on any album by Roxette, before she appeared as a bonus track on the re-release of the album Pearls of Passion. The at the time the B- side of the plate single of " Christmas For The Broken Hearted " filling song Turn to Me is also represented as a bonus track on this album.

Second publication 1990

Through the successful chart placements of the coupled singles of Look Sharp! Become album attentive, Touchstone Pictures approached Roxette and their record label EMI approach with the desire to contribute a song to the soundtrack for a present in the emergence of romantic comedy that should come into the U.S. in the spring of 1990 under the title Pretty Woman in the cinemas. The film, starring Richard Gere and the then largely unknown Julia Roberts in the lead roles, became an international hit film, which grossed more than $ 460 million worldwide.

Per Gessle decided, in his own words, offer the now almost three years old recording of It Must Have Been Love, since Roxette had because of taking place on that date tour of Australia and New Zealand no freedom to write a new play and record. Gessle and his producer Clarence Öfwerman took the original version from 1987, Marie Fredriksson could replace a song line to take his reference to Christmas and added some instrumentation as well as new background vocal overlays added that should enrich the sound. The B- side of the single plate contained the song Paint, of the album Look Sharp! was taken out.

However, the song was released except on the Pretty Woman Original Sound Tracks on any studio albums, released by Roxette and was until 1995 the greatest hits album Do not Bore Us, Get to the Chorus! represented.

Republication 1993 Alternate Versions 1993 and 2012

During the world tour of Roxette in 1993 a modified version of the song was re- recorded in a studio in Los Angeles to support the sale of the recently released album Joyride. This slow country version with the piano solo was replaced with a steel guitar solo, is on the tour album Tourism: Songs from Studios represented, Stages, Hotel Rooms & Other Strange Places by 1992.

A reissue of the 1990 version reached in September 1993, once again the UK Top 10 after Pretty Woman was aired in non-private British television for the first time.

For the 1996 album Baladas En Español published Roxette finally took a version in Spanish. The resulting song No sé si amor it ( I do not know if it's love ) with a by Luis G. Escolar transferred into Spanish text was finally published in 1997 in Mexico as a single.

2012 took Roxette for their ninth studio album, Travelling on a new studio version of the song with orchestral accompaniment.

Music Video

The belonging to It Must Have Been Love video was shot in a darkened warehouse, in which only the windows were illuminated from the outside. Here, Fredriksson singing alternately moved in a red and a white dress by the link or lies on a bed while she is accompanied by Gessle with the guitar and occasionally, with the piano. Is interrupted the scene of various well-established sequences from the film Pretty Woman. In the booklet of the greatest hits album Do not Bore Us, Get to the Chorus! were printed on the individual songs in addition to the texts and personal comments from Gessle and Fredriksson. So says Marie Fredriksson:

" ... The video was a weird experience. The director wanted all movements in slow motion so I had to lip sync the vocals in double speed. My first lesson in how to sing an emotional ballad Mickey Mouse style. A strange way to make a living. "

" ... The video was a strange experience. The director wanted that all movements performed in slow motion, so I had to move their lips in sync with the song in double speed. My first experience to sing an emotional ballad in Mickey Mouse style. A strange way to earn a living. "

It also exists an alternative version of the video without the inside cut scenes, which appeared in 1991 on the official clip compilation Roxette The Videos VHS video and laserdisc as.


Unlike stylistically similar ballads that have an emerging or existing romance on the subject, describes It must have been love, ( but it's over now) ( It must have been love, but now it's over ) with melancholic words, the lostness on the first day after the end of a love relationship. In the original version is here spoken of a Christmas Day, for use in the movie Pretty Woman, which appeared in the spring, the action space was generally laid in the winter time by Gessle a line towards the end of the second verse of "it's a hard Christmas Day" in "it's a hard winter 's day" abwandelte .. His melancholy text accordingly accompanied the song in the film, a scene in which the two main characters have briefly decided to separate.

Chart successes

Awards and achievements

Although the text describes a lonely winter day after a broken relationship, was It Must Have Been Love calculated in the summer of 1990 an international hit. The song was not the first release of the Pretty Woman soundtrack, however, was the biggest selling single of even very successful album. In total, he spent two weeks alone, from 16 to 29 June 1990 at rank 1 on the Hot 100 in the U.S. and ultimately surpassed the 500,000 copies sold.

In England the single was also out in June 1990 and arrived here on 3rd in the Uk charts, until then best placement of Roxette on the island, where she stayed 14 weeks. The re- release in September 1993 reached again to tenth place and once again remained a total of eight weeks in the charts. In addition, the song made ​​it to the peak position of the single chart from Norway, Poland and Spain. In Australia, he became the second number 1 of Roxette and held the top position in July 1990 for two weeks. He also reached rank 4 in Germany, where he remained alone 6 months in the Top 50, as well as the Top 5 in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the home country of the Group, Sweden.

The album for the film was triple platinum by the RIAA Award and sold over nine million copies worldwide. The song also went gold in Germany, Austria, Sweden, the United States and New Zealand.

List of ranking rankings


The following people were instrumental in the creation of this piece:

  • Composer: Per Gessle
  • Vocals: Marie Fredriksson
  • Drums: Pelle Alsing
  • Electric Guitar: Jonas Isacsson
  • Engineering Synclavier: Alar Suurna
  • Other instruments: Clarence Öfwerman
  • Producer: Clarence Öfwerman
  • Vocals: Marie Fredriksson
  • Reshuffling: Huberto Gatica
  • Producer: Clarence Öfwerman

Cover versions

När kärleken föds

The Swedish pop singer Shirley Clamp brought in April 2006, a version of It Must Have Been Love in Swedish out, the kärleken the title När föds ( When love is born ) contributed and reached number 6 of the Swedish singles chart. However, the song did not contain any reference to Christmas, other holidays or certain seasons.

Other cover versions

  • Shirley Bassey released her version of the song in 1995 on the album Sings the Movies.
  • The Mexican singer Rocío Banquells brought out an acoustic version of her 1991 released album Escucha el infinito.
  • On the album Stand Still the punk rock band Polly Esther from 2002 also includes a cover version of this song.
  • 2004, a cover of the song by the British group Friday Night Posse ( aka Dancing DJs) featuring Soraya was published.
  • The British pop duo Journey South took on an acoustic version of It Must Have Been Love on their eponymous album in 2006.
  • In a Spanish version of the song by the Australian band Aleks and The Ramps was released on their album Pisces Vs Aquarius.
  • The German music project Get Well Soon with singer Konstantin Gropper coverte the song in 2008.
  • The Norwegian singer Maria Mena coverte him in 2008 and published the piece as a bonus track via iTunes UK for their fourth studio album Cause and Effect.