Itaberaí is a Brazilian municipality and city in the state of Goiás in the mesoregion Central Goiás and in the micro-region Anápolis. It is located west of the Brazilian capital Brasília and Goiânia northwest of the capital.

Itataberaí means river of brilliant stones in the indigenous language of the Tupi.

Other villages in the municipality are São Benedito, Santa Rita, Congomé, Lobeira and São José do Retiro.

Geographical location

Itaberaí borders

  • To the north by the municipalities Heitoraí and Uruana
  • To the east by Itaguaru, Itaguari, Taquaral de Goiás and Itauçu
  • To the south by Aracu, Avelinópolis, Anicuns and Americano do Brasil
  • On the west by Mossâmedes and Goiás Velho

The city lies on the Brazilian federal highway BR -070, from which in Itaberaí state highway GO- 070 branches off to the capital of Goiânia.


The territory drained north to the Tocantins basin of the Rio Uru, which forms the western border of Goiás Velho and Mossâmedes and rises in the Serra Dourada. His two, also springing to the municipality, right tributaries are the Rio do bagre and Rio das Pedras. The Rio Uru flows on the northern border of the municipality Uruana in the Rio das Almas, an inflow into the reservoir Serra da Mesa. The watershed to the southern Paraná Basin extends approximately along the southern boundary of the municipality.


In Itaberaí is a large poultry farm and factory with a capacity of approximately 200,000 chickens per day and more than ten million hatching eggs per month.