Itako (Japaneseイタコ) is the name for the blind shamans in the Tōhoku region of Japan. With the help of a ritual called Kuchiyose (口寄せ, dt " Mundherbeirufung " ) are the spirits of the dead, the Ikiryō ( ​​souls of survivors who have left their bodies ), the kami of Shinto and Buddhism, etc. summoned recorded in your own body them and thereby given a voice. Although Itako are usually associated with certain temples or shrines, but not assigned to any religion explicitly.

Every year between 20 and 24 July during the Osore -zan Taisai in Mutsu in Itako - machi ( " Itako Quarters" ) many Itako in tents together and offer their services.

See also: Miko, Goze