ITALC (Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers ) is a free screen control software for Linux and Windows, which focuses on the school environment. With the help of iTALC teachers can observe student computer, remote control, lock, show a demo, DEACTIVATE and much more. The program was as free alternative to MasterEye (today: " Netop Vision" ) was developed.

Originally iTALC was available only for Linux, but since mid-2006 Added support for NT -based versions of Windows as part of the Qt4 porting. In addition iTALC can also be used transparently in heterogeneous environments, ie with a teacher computer that is running Linux, you can easily access Windows -student computer and vice versa.

As a basis for all functions is an extended RFB protocol, which means iTALC works completely with TCP / IP connections, which has the advantage that demo and remote control via local network borders are possible. This leads to the point that thanks to faster and more efficient compression method, etc., the integration of private student computers at home is possible and even the demo mode with acceptable speed runs.

On the student computers an ICA Server service is installed, which can be, not uninstalled from the students who do not have sufficient user rights. On these ICA Server service teacher computer via the LAN of the class accesses. The authentication of the student computer is carried out by a DSA key. This ensures that third-party computer by students can not be added without the consent of the teacher or the school for class compilation.

The website of iTALC is in English. The program will, among other languages ​​, asked in German available.


  • Overview mode (small preview window for all student computers)
  • Monitor remote control or specific computer in full screen
  • Show a demo (either full screen or in a window ) - the teacher of the PC's screen is transmitted to all student computers in real time
  • Only authenticated computers can be integrated into a classroom
  • A demo of a student can be the teacher appears exclusively
  • Lock the student's computer to direct attention to other things
  • Program can be easily completed by the students ( in iTalc folder is an exe file in which you can change the settings )
  • Text chat between students and teachers
  • On and off individual or all computers on the network (Wake on LAN)
  • Login and logout of users ( users ) on the student computer remotely is possible
  • With a teacher console also several classes can be managed simultaneously, monitor and administer.
  • Snapshots of the screen for evidence backup, such as in violation of any user rules


ITALC was developed in Trolltech Qt / C and is, therefore, both for 32 -bit Windows and GNU / Linux systems available. The use of iTALC in conjunction with Edubuntu or skolelinux (Debian Edu ) allows schools around the world to operate a free school network.