ItAli Airlines

Pescara airport

ItAli Airlines was an Italian airline based in Pescara.


ItAli Airlines was founded in October 2003. It is wholly owned by Giuseppe Spadaccini, who also owns the company Sorem, operating the fire fighting aircraft for civil defense.

In 2007, Itali Airlines was the first western airline to 100 ordered the Italian - Russian Sukhoi Superjet regional aircraft. The order for 10 machines and another 10 options but was removed in January 2011 from the list of firm orders for the Superjet.

In January 2011, the company began by an operation after the owner was arrested for tax evasion. In March of the same year ItAli Airlines was finally revoked the Air Operator Certificate by the Italian aviation authority ENAC and the company ceased operations.


ItAli served by its home airport in Pescara several line targets within Italy, including Rome and Milan. In addition, charter, air cargo and air taxi services were offered.


The fleet consisted of ItAli Airlines with stand in January 2011 of 12 planes:

As of October 2011, no more aircraft on ItAli Airlines are registered.